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Photo Print

Photo printing is our latest product, which we address above all to all upholstered furniture manufacturers, but also to representatives from other industries and to individual recipients.

Foto tkanina - przykładThis is a digital printing of the highest quality, which allows the execution of any orders of the customers in any number. The imprint is processed on the polyester carrier (100%) of the fabric dimensions 185g/m2. Resistance parameters of pressure and support are of the highest quality:

  • dry friction 5
  • wet friction 5
  • Martindale 35 000 cycles

We do not have our own offer of photos, graphics and other projects, because the main idea of the photo print is motto "we print out your visions". Now the customer will have a chance to carry out their own ideas and projects.

Foto tkanina - przykładTo accept an order to carry out, we will need a high resolution electronic photo 100-300 dpi., in RGB format. We ask for indication (in centimeters) of the target photo size, which should have the photo after the expression. The shape of the photo must match the shape of the desired expression.

Time of implementation for companies - 2 weeks, for individual clients 4 weeks.

Foto tkanina - przykładThanks to the project of photo printing we give a possibility to our clients to create their own individual collection, for photos and projects sent to us are not provided to other companies. In addition, the furniture companies are allowed to accept orders from individual customers in their sales salons. Such a customer has the opportunity to design a unique piece of furniture according to their own imagination.

Foto tkanina - przykład

The sales unit of the photo print is a piece of expression, and not a running meter. The price depends on the size of the print (in square meters) and the number of prints ordered from the same photo.

 The photo print is executed on two carrier types:

  • Tornado (width 160 cm) – you can read more about this fabric here
  • Mikrofaza (width 140 cm) – you can read more about these knits here
  • Rainbow (width 160 cm) – you can read more about this fabric here
  • Rodos (width 140 cm) – you can read more about these knits tutaj
  • Renata (width 160 cm)


Examples of implementation by our customers: