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Our range of upholstery materials includes the fabric Alicante. This is a fabric similar to the suede and the appearance of the fabric Alcantara. On our market, it also works under the name artificial suede, Antara, Alcana or Nubuck.

The popularity of the fabric Alicante arises from its low price (compared to the fabric Alcantara) or the high resistance to friction. This is a single layer fabric, i.e. non-glued fabric that feels pleasant and has the same color on the right and left sides.

The artificial suede is most often used as decoration material - curtains, portals, bags.

It also occurs in the upholstery of the high-quality cars. The fabric Alicante meets the expectations as upholstery fabric for furniture. He looks very nice on the sofas and armchairs.


  • 100% polyester
  • width – 150cm
  • fabric dimensions - 210g/m²
  • Martindale Test - 27 500 Cycles
  • dry friction 4-5
  • wet friction 4

Care and maintenance:

Konserwacja Alicante

Certificates and technical card:

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