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We present you the fabric that is one of the most modern on the market and for comprehensive disposal. The fabric Kreta is the glued fabric that is characterized by its high resistance. Its advantage is also the tempting price.

The fabric Kreta is our author product. Similar to Alicante and Microfaza, it is not a pasted fabric. He is the most complete fabric in our collection. Its advantage is the type of jewelry edge, thanks to which the fabric is stain-resistant. A poured out liquid does not seep into the fabric, but it flows drop-shaped on its surface, creating so-called mercury effect.

Additional trump of the material Kreta is its softness, which makes it very pleasant to touch.

The fabric Crete has a variety of uses - furniture posters, curtains, pillowcases, tablecloths, treads, blankets and others, except for the sheets.

We offer wide color palette, considering also very shining hues of orange or green.


  • 100% polyester
  • width 147 cm
  • fabric dimensions 280gr/m²
  • Martindale Test - 50 000 Cycles


Care and maintenance:

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Technical card:
 Kreta - karta techniczna Kreta - karta technicznaCertyfikat OEKO-TEX