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tornado makroThe monochrome Tornado is our author product. Similar to Alicante and Microfaza, it is not a pasted fabric. This is the most complete fabric in our collection. Its advantage is the nature of the jewelry border, thanks to which the fabric is stain-resistant. A poured out liquid does not seep into the material, but it flows drop-shaped on its surface, creating so-called mercury effect.

The fabric Tornado has a variety of uses - furniture posters, curtains, pillowcases, tablecloths, treads, blankets and others, except for the sheets.


  •  100% polyester
  • width – 140cm
  • fabric dimensions –280gr/m²
  • Martindale Test - 30 000 cycles


For each color displayed in the Tornado fabric, you can select the so-called coordinates or seals. Examples of the use of a printed tornado (sample) are shown in our VIP Collection.

Care and maintenance:

Konserwacja tornado

Certificates and technical card:
Certyfikat Tornado Martindale 1 Certyfikat Tornado Martindale 2Certyfikat Tornado Martindale 3Tornado - karta technicznaCertyfikat OEKO-TEX