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About company

Our company has been operating on the Polish market since 1991. Within 20 years, we have the leading and stable position in sales of the cotton upholstery fabrics.

The trademark of our company is the wide range of printed cotton fabrics dedicated to the production of upholstered furniture and interior decoration.

At the present time we have over one hundred utility samples, Certyfikat Firma Godna Zaufania most of which have been edited by our designers. By not content with the position we have already reached, we continuously strive to create and perfect design according to the observations of current trends in the markets of Western Europe.

In recent years, we have been offering our range of monochromatic fabrics imported from the Far East. These are the fabrics and knits made of polyester, which are intended for furniture and decorations, e.g. Microfaza, Alicante, Tornado, Pu-soft, Siena, etc.

All products offered by us, both agricultural products and imported products, are in stock. We realize smaller orders through the agency of the courier company, and we serve contract customers nationwide with our transport. When taking up the considerable amount, it is possible to process a sample after the customer advice and temporarily reserve it. We warmly encourage you to get acquainted with our offer.